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Queenstown well poised to welcome visitors

By Feast Creative

Here in Queenstown, as we continue celebrating a busy Queen’s Birthday Weekend and School Holiday season, businesses and locals are optimistic about domestic visitors. The national push to “Do something new, New Zealand” seems to be ringing true with travellers – and we all hope it continues to.

Research published in May, showed Queenstown was the place 47% of New Zealanders would most like to travel following the lift in travel restrictions. A recently published study commissioned by Destination Queenstown also shows nearly 30% of Aucklanders planning to travel this winter are actively considering a trip to Queenstown. More than a third of travellers in Canterbury and Southland say the same. In Otago, the idea of a “staycation” to Queenstown and surrounds appeals to nearly half of those saying they’ll travel this winter.

Key motivations for these visits include the opportunity to “relax and take time to myself” and “to spend time with my family, friends, or partner.”

Just this week, spending by non-locals (residents of a different city/district than the merchant) was up 17% this week, accounting for 40% of all spend (ip from 37% this time last year).

For those in Queenstown, the DQ research has shown the flowing as “important factors” in choosing Queenstown:

    • Queenstown’s natural environment/scenery
    • Accommodation options
    • Tourism activities/experiences available in Queenstown
    • Queenstown food and beverage options
    • Ease of access

To ensure your business is best positioned to draw in these domestic travellers, there is a great opportunity to focus on these motivations – highlighting your ability to provide access to these important drivers. Domestic travellers will be more spoiled for choice than ever before, and positioning your offering to suit will be crucial in drawing those travellers to your business over others.

Sources: Opinion Compare, Angus & Associates, MarketView

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