RKV packaging

A truly unique wine that reflects the
small parcel of land on which it is grown deserves
a unique approach to how it is packaged.

RKV stands for Rocky Knoll Vineyard; a parcel of land which sits within the Amisfield Vineyard and produces a very unique wine during particular years. Our brief was to develop a gift box that showcased how truly unique this wine is.

Concentrating on the concept of ‘good things come to those who wait’ we concentrated on the idea of growth rings. These represent both the age of the vines and also the time you wait before it is on offer. The lines also have strong ties to the topographical lines of a map, harkening back to the sense of place Amisfield is known for. These lines centre in on the brand logo, however, by only using this stamp and the letter forms ‘RKV’ on the box, we only hint at what lies within.

The inner box is made from corrugated card and slides out from a sleeve to reveal a contrasting wine label; white with embossed lines and a copper foiled logo and border, a crisp and clean contrast against the dark Pinot Noir bottle. We employ the copper again on the cap to reflect the master brand and create a visual tie to the overall identity. The experience is one of reveal, not unlike the layers you discover when you drink this exquisite wine.

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