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Online spend has moved home

By Feast Creative

June figures, just out, show local businesses with an online presence are in an excellent position to expand their domestic reach. New Zealanders spend at international sites has dropped nearly 10% versus last year, while spend at domestic sites is up 33.4%. Total online spending is up nearly 16% over last year.

If your website is ticking along, but you’re not seeing these same numbers, there’s definitely an opportunity to make some changes to help push your sales. Some initial considerations may be:

    • Ensure your online product mix is current
    • Consistently update specials and promotions to meet seasonality and stay fresh with new products
    • Initiate an AdWords, Instagram or Facebook campaigns to increase domestic awareness
    • Be active and consistent on social mediaWe’re currently working with several clients to help them harness this new domestic market. Reach out to create@feast.co.nz if you’d like to see how these tactics can help you widen your reach and take advantage of this trend.

Source: MarketView

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