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Behind the Campaign: Amisfield over Lockdown

By Feast Creative
Feast Creative is a strategically driven agency. We work hard to ensure the creative, research, and the campaigns we design, develop, and implement are purposeful and effective. Amisfield is an example of a partner who has learned this first hand. They’ve been a partner of ours since the very beginning of Feast – stretching over 18 years. In this time, we’ve come to know the brand as well as the Amisfield team themselves.

When lockdown hit, Amisfield (as was the case for many) knew they needed to evolve. They wanted to remain focused on what their customers know them for – high quality wines,  their connection to the land and their passion for a sustainable wine making process. They wanted to expand the consumers’ experience of their wines by releasing tasting cases, rare library release pinots, and aromatic whites.

Due to the nature of being in lockdown, and seeing consumers’ online time was up dramatically, we knew an online campaign would be the most effective approach. Not only would this would allow for a quick implementation, but we’d also have the flexibility to be nimble as possible with regulations and requirements changing regularly, as well as the chance to track efficacy with ease.

Based on industry research happening throughout the Covid-period, we knew New Zealanders were consuming 17% more alcohol than they normally would. We also knew 12% of consumers were happily trying new brands, types and varieties of alcohol. This was especially true for millennials and top earners.

Harnessing these learnings, we implemented the campaign to these specific audiences and happily saw a dramatic increase in wine sales. While we’d love to share the exact numbers, we would be giving away too many secrets if we did. To see how we can help your business excel in these times by taking advantage of current trends, get in touch.

Source: GlobalWebIndex

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