We’re a strategically driven agency - we don’t design for the sake of it. From business strategy and market research through to creative positioning and polished production, our design and advertising work is diligently considered and perfectly cohesive. Feast is committed to building strong and lasting relationships, partnering with clients for the long term.

We firmly believe that great work comes from good friendships.


Strategy Sessions

Whilst these are challenging times, we are seeing incredible opportunity for growth and innovation across New Zealand. Many organisations are pivoting their offering and reaching new markets in light of evolving consumer behaviour. At Feast, our work has always been deeply rooted in strategic thinking. Our suite of workshops has been refined over the years, intended to drive the conversation towards strategy, growth and innovation.

Small and medium businesses may be eligible for support under the COVID-19 Business Advisory Fund, which can provide support in areas such as Marketing, Business, and Digital Enablement Strategy. Our Workshops are also registered with the Management Capability Development Voucher Fund.


Business Planning

• Core, secondary and future products / services
• Customer demographics and segmentation
• Developing a Vision
• Developing a Mission / Philosophy
• Understanding available revenue streams
• Developing team action plans and KPIs
• Developing a lean business model

Business Pivot

• Pivoting a business to thrive post Covid 19
• Market opportunities as a result of Covid 19
• Business objectives (short term and long term)
• Developing a sustainable growth strategy
• Building resilience into a business model
• Reviewing cost structures and revenue streams
• Developing a lean business model

Market Research

• Understanding your customers
• Understanding your industry
• Understanding product-market-fit
• Understanding your competitors
• Leveraging data
• Developing key insights
• Establishing business systems to enable future research

Competitive Landscape

• SWOT analysis of primary and secondary competitors
• Identifying and analysing future competitors
• Identifying and leveraging competitive advantages
• Competitively positioning a product / service
• Impacts of Covid 19 on the competitive landscape
• Developing strategic partnerships
• Systems for ongoing competitive analysis

Marketing Strategy

• Customer demographics and behaviour
• Customer segmentation and acquisition channels
• Cost effective and efficient marketing channels
• Customer lifetime value and acquisition costs
• Leveraging strategic partnerships
• Strategically growing customer advocacy and referrals
• Marketing planning and budgets

Digital / Ecommerce Strategy

• Developing or pivoting an ecommerce strategy
• Understanding digital customer acquisition and channels
• Developing a digital marketing strategy
• Crafting a cohesive digital experience
• Establishing advocacy without face-to-face interaction
• Leveraging technology to streamline business operations
• Developing a sustainable growth strategy

Brand Strategy

• Understanding the benefits of a strong brand
• Understanding the various elements of a brand
• Leveraging competitive advantages
• Developing brand positioning
• Developing a brand personality and essence
• Developing a plan for crafting a brand identity
• Developing a brand strategy for long term success

Sales Strategy

• Developing a sales strategy for teams of 1-100
• Developing lead prospecting methods
• Understanding lead qualification criteria
• Understanding lead nurturing and relationship building
• Understanding deal closing methods and tactics
• Developing customer retention, advocacy, and referrals
• Identifying and leveraging strategic partnerships




Every great design begins with a brilliant story, and we want to hear yours. Your brand needs to capture your identity.


You’ve been living and breathing your project for a while. We will ask questions and explore your idea, until we are absolutely certain we have the same passion for it as you do!


The modern world is evolving faster than ever. You need confidence that you can keep up with the times and ahead of the pack. We use innovative and insightful research to deliver this confidence.


We are a strategically driven creative agency; we don’t design for the sake of designing. All of our work contributes to your overall strategic goals – if a ‘great’ idea doesn’t align or accomplish what’s required it’s quickly binned.


Most of our clients see us as an extension to their team. We take pride in staying in regular contact, with the entire process being iterative and transparent so you’ll know exactly what’s going on.


If your investment doesn’t lead to customers, engagement, sales, or whatever measurement is important to you…then we aren’t doing our job.


The Feast family is a vibrant one, with many of our partners having been with us for 10+ years (with some boasting the full 18!).
If you want to join the wolf pack, then we'd love to hear from you.

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